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Neutral Charlotte Mousse Mix 1kg

Neutral Charlotte Mousse Mix 1kg

1 Kilogram

Product Features;

  • Vegan, Gluten-free and Halal
  • Cream stabiliser
  • Can be used with cream to create flavoured mousses
  • Neutral colour and taste will not affect the underlying cream flavour or taste
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • Perfect vegan stabiliser for creating creamy vegan desserts
  • Non-gelatine based powder


Vizyon Neutral Charlotte Mousse Stabiliser Powder 1kg

Vizyon Neutral Charlotte Mousse Stabiliser Powder is a vegan and gluten-free powder mix that provides excellent stabilising abilities for creams and mousses. It provides a unique element that will be an irreplaceable staple in dessert baking. So easy to work with which will provide your cream with increased stability and structure.

Neutral Charlotte contains no colour or flavouring and will not impact on the flavour of the cream or mousse mixture.

As a vegan stabiliser it is perfect for creating creamy vegan desserts when used in combination with vegan-based creams. The non-gelatine based powder provides stability without sacrificing the airy texture of a mousse.

Ideal for use in cream that will be used to create layers in cakes or dessert. It provides a stabilising effect on the cream to hold up the layers and filling.

Vizyon Charlotte Mousse powder doesn’t have the rubbery texture associated with a gelatine based stabiliser and prepared mousse. Plus, it can be adapted with various fillings, flavours and colours to add to your mixture to suit your taste.

Vizyon Charlotte Mousse Stabiliser has no artificial flavours or colours (NAFNAC).

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