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VIZYON - Cheesecake Powder Mix 1kg

VIZYON - Cheesecake Powder Mix 1kg

1 Kilogram

Make delicious and simple no bake cheesecake by using Vizyon ready-to-use cheesecake powder mixes. Package: 1kg packet. Directions for Use: Dissolve Vizyon Ready-To-Use Cheesecake powder in water and add liquid whipped cream slowly. Add labneh and mascarpone cheese into the mixture. Pour into moulds and keep in the deep freezer for at least 2 hrs. Serve it with desired Vizyon Pastry Filling. Vizyon Ready-To-Use Cheesecake Powder 200 g Water 250 g Liquid Whipped Cream 1000 g Labneh or MascarponeCheese(optional) 250 g Total Weight 1700 g

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